Only $49

    Offer a limited of 100 pieces.

    The first one smallest smart water flosser in the world

  • Practical and Fashionable Water Flosser

    This is a light luxury、high-end delicate portable water flosser, in a small volume, but it contains a powerful impulse, and easy to use, convenient and quick.

  • Food Grade PC And TPE

    Material is food grade PC and TPE, production technology ultrasonic, the secondary injection molding, the vacuum plating.

  • The Most Convenient Water Flosser In The World

    It can good to solve the water flosser mainstream in the market big volume, inconvenient to take, the problem of a strong sense of equipment appearance. In limited space, do the extreme product structure, it is the smallest water flosser in the world

  • Use At Any Time

    Our lipstick-sized water flosser is easy to use anywhere, anytime,even at the food table

  • Aluminum Limited Edition

    In order to perfectly meet my personal interests, we have designed the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy material, which also comes in 3 colors.

  • Small Bodies Make Big Difference

    During the times we design Yameida, we met many difficulties, to hope to design the size smaller again and again at the same time, as well we shall to put the tool health and care function put the first place​.